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Behold, O Lord, their souls are precious, and many of them are your brethren; therefore, give unto us, O Lord, power and wisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee. -Alma 31:35

Monday, September 17, 2012

"Alas, Earwax" - 9/17/12

I've gotten a bit concerned that my letters are a bit too large, so I'm cutting it down this time.

"And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaay."

A couple of highlights from this week:
1. This week was the first time that somebody threatened to sic his dog on me if we didn't get off his property. Not that we were concerned; Elder Molina and I were pretty certain that the "dog" was just him shaking the door with a fuzzy black slipper. It still made my day.
2. I met my first Jehovah's Witness while on the mission. That was an interesting experience.
3. This week we had Zone Conference, which was amazing. Two zones met together to receive training from President and Sister Craven, as well as from the Assistants. The biggest highlight of this story was President Bonn, a stake president in our area who came to speak. He said he served in Korea, around 82-83, I believe, under a President Pock (that's what it sounded like.) Did Uncle Boyd ever know an Elder Bonn in his mission? Might be fun to find out; President Bonn wanted me to ask.
4. By far the coolest story from this week happened just yesterday, this Sunday. We were going to go give a do-or-die visit to an investigator who had not been keeping her commitments. Before we left the apartment, we knelt down and prayed, asking Heavenly Father to guide us to people we needed to meet through the Holy Ghost. We went, showed up, talked to her, and she did not want to continue investigating. 

We thus went to go find some more people to teach. Instead of knocking on the apartment doors around her house, though, Elder Molina felt that we needed to go elsewhere. We hopped in the car and started going who knows where. At one point, he reached a stop sign, and he had no idea where to go. He felt he should go right, which would take us to one of our potential investigators. When he got to the house, though, he was prompted to keep going. Every time he slowed down to stop, he felt that he should keep going. Finally he felt that he needed to stop at a certain house, and we got out and started finding. After half an hour and some doors later, we had had no success. The people in that area were fairly well off and fairly happy where they were.

I thought, "We're wasting our time here. We should go find somewhere else."

And then the thought came into my head, "Don't give up yet; keep going."

So I kept my mouth shut and kept walking. About three houses later, we knocked on the door, and an old lady answered it. She said, "Are you Mormons?" and we said yes. She said, "Thirty years ago, when I lost my 7-year old daughter to leukemia, two Mormon missionaries came and comforted me. They biked to my house every single week to come and help me in the hardest time of my life. I will never forget what they did for me."

Her name was Dorothy, and she invited us in. We couldn't at the time--there wasn't a man in the house, so we needed a member to come with--but we came back two hours later. We got to teach her and her granddaughter Anley, who was VERY excited to meet the missionaries. It was a wonderful first lesson. We talked about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation, and they committed to everything. We have very high hopes for them.

It just hit me then that the Lord answered our prayer. I have no doubt that He was guiding us that day; guiding Elder Molina and guiding me. It also hit me that those two missionaries 30 years ago didn't convert Dorothy, but their service left such a powerful impression that she was opened to us now. We don't know what the plan is, but the Lord does. He is so in control of everything.

This leads me back to our experience with President Bonn. When he spoke to us, he started off by quoting a line from The Dish. I thought our family was the only people in the world who'd seen that movie. I certainly was the only other person in the room. Regardless, for those of you out there who have never seen or heard of The Dish, it's about a group of Australians who ran the satellite dish that picked up the Apollo 11 mission. It was a small but crucial job. At one part of the movie, when the Moon landing is being broadcast around the world, one of the workers says, "I can't believe that I'm a part of this."

That just hits me. I see miracles all the time. This truly is the Lord's work, and as He told us, His work is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. That is what I am doing, and I can't believe that I'm a part of this. I can't believe the Lord has let me join in His great work.

The gospel blesses lives. The Church is true. Jesus Christ died, and He did live again. Dorothy will be able to see her daughter again, because He lives. I know this.

I love you all. I am so glad to be here. I pray for you always.

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Fisher

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