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Behold, O Lord, their souls are precious, and many of them are your brethren; therefore, give unto us, O Lord, power and wisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee. -Alma 31:35

Monday, July 22, 2013

7/8/13 "It was twelve years old"

"Of course, there was the time he sold Ogram a horse, saying that it was six years old, when it was really twelve. But now, it's all over, and everything is normal again.

" was twelve years old."
"It was six!"

Well, it turns out that I am leaving Shelby and getting transferred, while ElderCollinwood is staying and finishing out his mission here. I'm pretty glad that he got to stay, because it's no fun to be sent to a new area when you've only got six weeks left. I'm very glad that I got to be his companion, though, before I got transferred out. I've learned a lot from him and have had a lot of good experiences in Shelby, and I am looking forward to seeing where the Lord sends me next.

A Few Items of Interest:

1) The last three months or so the birds have been going INSANE here in North Carolina. There are birds fighting each other in the sky all over the place. Usually it's little small birds chasing bigger birds, like hawks or crows, but I've seen all shapes and sizes duking it out over the last few weeks, and, though I hate to say it, these battles are quite entertaining to watch. I am really curious to know what on earth's going on.

2) I received a letter this Friday from the Stevens family, the couple in Huntersville that Elder Fulton and I had found and been teaching before we had been transferred out. I had written them a letter a few weeks before and they responded back, telling me that they were set to be baptized. (The letter also included a picture drawn by their little girl Taylor.) At Zone Meeting the Huntersville sisters confirmed the story, and, if all went as planned, they got baptized July 6th and confirmed on Sunday. Yet another group of wonderful people who I got to help into the Church!

They told me that Elder Fulton and I were their favorite elders. Granted, we were their ONLY elders, but still. :)

3) This Friday we had an appointment to go teach Charles, a less-active we've been working with. He works at some podunk auto shop with two coworkers, Scott and Elvis. We taught all three the Plan of Salvation once, and it was a particularly interesting lesson since Scott is Jewish. Elvis also has an eye-patch, which led me and Elder Collinwood to dub him Elvis the One-Eyed Pirate.

Well, apparently on Friday Scott and Elvis got into an "altercation," and when Charles tried to break it up, Scott pulled a knife on him. Charles grabbed a shovel and used it to fend off Scott until a police officer arrived. The officer was a woman, and she went to break up the fight, first arresting Scott and then going for Elvis the One-Eyed Pirate, telling him to get down on the ground. When Elvis resisted arrest, the lady officer threw him through the glass window of the shop. OWNED.

As a result of this, Scott and Elvis have been erased off our list of Potential Investigators. 

4) My first week here, as we went forth Less-Active Hunting, we bumped into Arthur, a retired Navy SEAL and Vietnam veteran and one of the toughest guys that I've ever met. Though he is 70-something and has a Lorenzo Snow beard, I have no doubt that he could miserably destroy me in three seconds if he wanted to. He was very friendly to us and open to having us come back, but we never really managed to get ahold of him for the four or five weeks afterward and we could tell that there wasn't a whole lot of push from him to meet again.

This last week, however, things changed in his life. Arthur's daughter Patty, 8 1/2 months pregnant with twins, was left by her boyfriend, who also stole all of her money when he left. In one day Patty was left in a pretty nasty hole. As a former SEAL, Arthur's first response was to hunt down the boyfriend and kill him -- which would have been a very bad thing -- but he did not. Since he is going through financial struggles himself, he felt completely powerless to help his daughter. In desperation, he pulled his car over to the side of the road, got out, and said a prayer, asking the Lord for help.

As he opened his eyes, he saw an eagle flying through the air above him. Twenty minutes later, he got a call from us, the missionaries, asking if we could stop by and see him.

Miracle? Oh yes.

Arthur came to church on Sunday for the first time in forever, along with his daughter and her family. We assisted the bishopric in giving both of them blessings, Patty that she would be able to give birth without any problems, and Arthur that he would not have the desire to find the boyfriend and pulverize him. It was a very spiritual occasion, and Arthur even bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting. A wonderful man who would make a good Santa for ward parties.

5) As I was sitting in Zone Meeting on Friday, all of a sudden it came to me tha tElder Collinwood was an answer to a prayer I had said about two months ago. I had completely forgotten about that prayer, so realizing that the Lord had fulfilled it through Elder Collinwood was a bit of a mind-shock to me. I've loved being his companion and I'm so grateful for him, and I hope he will have a happy last transfer before he heads home to Seattle.

All of this has just gone to strengthen my faith that the Lord really does answer our prayers. I know that no request is too small for Him.

I really do love you all. I am excited to see where the Lord sends me next! Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Fisher 

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